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Hisense Microwave Oven

KSh 8,500.00

  • Capacity: 20L
  • Power: 700W
  • Model: H20MOWS3
  • 5 Power Levels
  • Glass Turntable
  • Silver Exterior


Hisense is passionate about technology and making it accessible to the world. To develop technological innovations that improve the lives of others. Life is better with Hisense!

About the Brand

One of the largest TV manufacturers in the world, Hisense has a variety of products available in over 130 countries. Hisense holds the #3 TV share position globally* and has held the #1 TV share position in China for 14 consecutive years. But don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of us.

We are raring to disrupt the consumer electronics industry, challenge the competition and make sure we give our consumers their money’s worth. All across the world, we manufacture and distribute televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, beverage coolers, cookers, microwaves and freezers.


Selecting a Microwave that you can trust to be safe is important. All Hisense Microwaves are built to the highest standards, making any choice you make a smart choice.

Microwaves are the new inventions made for the modern style of cooking and the preservation of food items. They are made with sophisticated technology which ensures that your preservation is done properly and fast while you go about doing other kitchen activities. Look through our wide range of HISENSE MICROWAVES and decide which one is right for you and your kitchen. Whether it’s defrosting, warming or properly heating up these microwaves are sure to get the Job done giving you no stress and more time.

The Innovations in Hisense microwave technology means that your food will have a more even heating experience through the microwave’s Echo Reflee Microwave oven. They are also equipped with the latest technology which is suitable for daily kitchen activities such as cooking, defrost, and reheat your food, From steam technology to dual convection options, you’ll find a host of microwave oven features that combine convenience with traditional cooking.

H20MOWS3 700W 20L Digital Microwave – Silver

With 20L of space and 5 power setting, this small microwave is ideal for heating up ready meals, defrosting smaller portions of food or perhaps making a bowl of popcorn in minutes.

  • Easily set the heating intensity with 5 power level options.
  • Efficiently heat, cook or defrost your food with 700 watts of power and Digital Display
  • Energy efficient with low power consumption to save you money.


  • Capacity: 20L
  • Power: 700W
  • Model: H20MOWS3
  • 5 Power Levels
  • Glass Turntable
  • Black & White Exterior
  • Digital Microwave


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